About The Sumeru Press

About The Sumeru Press

The Sumeru Press Inc. is dedicated to publishing and distributing Buddhist books and art. We celebrate and support all traditions and lineages.

We are located in Ottawa. Follow us on Facebook (SumeruBooks) and Twitter (@SumeruBooks).

In addition to our publishing activities, we also maintain Canada’s leading Buddhist news blog (accessible at the bottom of our home page), and a directory of more than 580 Canadian Buddhist organizations (www.canadianbuddhism.info).

We have also been involved in a variety of Buddhist community development projects over the years. Most recently we collaborated with the University of Toronto Department of Religious Studies to complete a two-year extensive sociological survey of Canadian Buddhist organizations, the key findings of which were published in the Journal of Global Buddhism.

The inspiration for our name is Mount Sumeru, the mountain in the centre of the universe according to Buddhist cosmology.

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