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Buddhism in Canada

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Earth Day interview on the Secular Buddhism Podcast

Ted Meissner, of The Secular Buddhism Podcast, recently interviewed Dr. Michael Glantz (Consortium for Capacity Building, UColorado-Boulder) and me about an eco-Buddhist Facebook group we started some time ago, called Plot to Save the Earth.

The group was started with Dhiraj Pradhananga, from Small Earth Nepal.

A global Buddhist Eco-Initiative. If you have relevant articles of interest, please post them for others.

Details and how to get a “Plot to Save the Earth” badge at http://www.sumeru-books.com/?s=plot+to+save+the+earth&tag_s&category=0&articleauthor&search_template=1&post_type=post&submit=Search. Get a badge and contribute your pictures!

We want people all over the world to show their love for their local natural beauty spots, heritage sites, environmental causes and concern for ecologies in danger.

Here’s the link to the podcast: http://secularbuddhism.org/2017/05/07/episode-272-john-negru-and-michael-glantz-plot-to-save-the-earth/http://secularbuddhism.org/2017/05/07/episode-272-john-negru-and-michael-glantz-plot-to-save-the-earth/