Catholicism and Zen

Catholicism and Zen Richard Bryan McDaniel 210 pages, 6.14″ x 9.21″   Ever since Catholic priests from Portugal and Spain entered Japan in the 1500’s on missions to convert the Japanese to Christianity, a quiet transformation has been taking place, beginning among those Jesuit missionaries and spreading into the present day among American and European… Read more »

A Thousand Hands: A Guidebook to Caring for Your Buddhist Community

Avalokitesvara is a great bodhisattva from the Mahayana tradition who embodies the ideals of compassionate interaction. The East Asian translation of the name, ‘Guan Yin’ (Jp. Kannon; Kr. Kuaneum), reflects this compassion as the characters translate roughly to “one who perceives the cries [of the world].” In one of the many forms in which she… Read more »

Understanding the Chinese Buddhist Temple

Understanding the Chinese Buddhist Temple

UNDERSTANDING THE CHINESE BUDDHIST TEMPLE is a collection of annotated photos taken in 2009 and 2010 at Ching Kwok Chinese Buddhist Temple, located in Toronto, Ontario. The book is arranged as a walk-around, featuring pictures of the main shrine hall, the main altar, all of the statues, close-up details of many statues, the various chapels, offering… Read more »

An American Buddhist Life

From the beginning of Charles Prebish’s involvement with Buddhism in 1965, Buddhism has made huge inroads on the North American continent, and world-wide, both in terms of its scholarship and globalization. He has been fortunate enough to know and work with an incredible group of brilliant scholars who remain alive: Luis Gómez, Lewis Lancaster, Donald… Read more »

The Driftwood Shrine: Discovering Zen in American Poetry

Representing a new approach to the West’s evolving understanding of Buddhism, The Driftwood Shrine is the first collection of Zen teachings to be based on the poems of great American writers. In reassuring, forthright, and often surprising language, Wolff explains how Emily Dickinson, William Carlos Williams, H.D., Richard Wright, and many other poets enshrined the… Read more »

Cypress Trees in the Garden

Richard Bryan McDaniel’s Cypress Trees in the Garden: The Second Generation of Zen Teaching in America continues the history of North American Zen which he began in The Third Step East: Zen Masters of America (Sumeru Press, 2015). The earlier book described the pioneers who established Zen practice in North America; this new book focuses… Read more »

The Third Step East

In The Third Step East: Zen Masters of America, Richard Bryan McDaniel continues the story, begun in his earlier work, of the spread of Zen from India to China (Zen Masters of China: The First Step East), thence to Japan (Zen Masters of Japan: The Second Step East), and then to North America and Europe…. Read more »