INCOGNITO: The Astounding Life of Alexandra David-Neel

INCOGNITO: The Astounding Life of Alexandra David-Neel By Dianne Harke YA Fiction Alexandra David-Neel (1868-1969) was an astounding explorer and world-traveler. She was one of the first Westerners to visit Tibet, and voyaged extensively through Africa, India, China, Indochina, Japan and Europe – all at a time when women were rarely seen in such a pursuit! Author of… Read more »

Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women

Lotus Petals in the Snow is the result of outreach extended across Canada with the goal of bringing together the work of scholars and stories from practitioners, scholar-practitioners, Dharma students, teachers, nuns and laywomen. With pieces covering a vast landscape of experiences, this book is one of the few to focus entirely on the voices of Canadian Buddhist Women…. Read more »

Natural Appearances, Natural Liberation

Natural Appearances, Natural Liberation

NATURAL APPEARANCES, NATURAL LIBERATION A Nyingma Meditative Guide on the Six Bardos of Living and Dying By Master Tam Shek-wing Translated by Samten Migdron Foreword by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche This commentary is based on the six bardos teachings from a series of hidden treasure texts known as the Profound Dharma of Natural Liberation through the Intention of… Read more »

Lama Chopa

Lama Chöpa

LAMA CHÖPA The Guru Puja Composed by Panchen Lozang Chökyi Gyaltsen Perfect bound paperback, 52 pages, 5” x 8″ (Pocket edition) Translated by Robert Preece. Foreword by Zasep Tulku Rinpoche. Performance notes by Karma Yönten Gyatso. Lama Chöpa is a practice of guru devotion special to the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. In Sanskrit, lama… Read more »

Rimey Lama Chopa

RIMEY LAMA CHOPA: A Tibetan Rimey Tantric Feast, A Rite to Invoke the Supreme Nectar of Wisdom by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, translated by Glenn Mullin and with a foreword by Ven. Matthieu Ricard. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche was someone whose inner journey led him to an extraordinary depth of knowledge and enabled him to be, for… Read more »

Buddhist Astrology

Buddhist Astrology: Chart Interpretation from a Buddhist Perspective Jhampa Shaneman & Jan V. Angel Preface by HH the Dalai Lama ◊ Revised 2013 Edition ◊ Throughout history, astrology was considered a scholarly tradition, relied upon by world leaders, philosophers and spiritual teachers to guide civilizations in all areas of life. Historically, astrology was accepted in political and… Read more »